You have the choice

The variety of the Düsseldorf gallery scene presents you with the possibility of organizing a tour according to your individual interests. The following overview provides a categorical classification of the exhibition venues we can explore together. Should you require any further advice please inform us and we would also be pleased to suggest a tour which is in accordance with your personal preferences.



Düsseldorf’s reputation as a cultural city is largely due to approximately 20 internationally prestigious galleries whose programme portrays a representative cross section of the relevant artistic tendencies of our time. Whether it is the classics of the contemporary avant-garde or well-respected young artists, we find a wide range of present positions, which offer the opportunity of inspiring discussions. Spending time on the displayed works is also suitable for making comparative studies against the background of contemporary art and, at the same time, to illustrate structures of the art world.



Of no less importance are the numerous galleries which are oriented on past epochs whereby the emphasis lies on the classical modern. It is therefore possible to see prominent works of corresponding styles of visual art away from the confines of a museum. In many cases the exhibited works refer to the manifold cultural history of the region and many interesting discoveries of the historical importance of art in Düsseldorf and the Rhineland are to be found.



A multifaceted off-scene presents itself as a forum for a less commercial art world where free and experimental orientation, not least because of the strong connection to the Düsseldorf Arts Academy, can develop. The constantly changing collective in these galleries functions as a living laboratory which is continuously giving birth to new impulses and creates a breeding ground for innovation. As an alternative to the professional art market we have the possibility of meeting and getting to know a less established and marketable position.



Good art is not only to be found in galleries and museums but also on the streets and places where they are more or less appreciated by many passers-by. It is worth paying particular attention to these works and, especially with a number of these, we are able see a manifestation of a significant piece of city history. Of particular importance are the free-standing sculptures by distinguished sculptors which serve as an addition and complementary integration to a tour of the galleries.



Visiting a studio and talking personally to the artist is a particularly intensive experience of art in progress. Here again Düsseldorf is in the position to offer a wide and diversified range which is characterized by the resident artists of very mixed artistic categories. ARTESARTICULO works with a variety of artists who would be more than pleased to welcome you to their studios.


As far as the organization of your tour is concerned you have complete freedom to choose whether you wish to have a standardized focus or a combination of the suggestions above. Just give us a call or send an email. We look forward to exploring the Düsseldorf art world together with you.